Marketing Specialist – AMERIND Risk

This is the gig that allowed me to put all these learning experiences to use.

I came into this company after they had just re-branded. It was my job to bring the company to a consistent tone and identity.

As part of a small marketing team (only 3 of us), I had to quickly adapt to wearing multiple hats. Once the consistency was achieved, I then set bigger goals: grow our customer satisfaction, save money and reduce losses. Keep in-mind, I had to think ‘insurance’.

My second year with the company was a venture to develop and implement a plan to become a “State Farm” or “AllState” in our niche market.

I’d say my time here was well spent.

In three years, I was able to create official branding guidelines for the company; create visually effective marketing collateral; achieve customer satisfaction by providing consistent information through multiple channels (ie. quarterly newsletters, social media and website.)

Yep, I’m pretty proud of all that!