Graphic Design Intern – Boys & Girls Clubs

After realizing how much I enjoyed this strategic planning stuff, I was told that I was kind of good at it. I didn’t want to be ‘kind of good at it’, I wanted to be really good at it.

So, I decided to look for an opportunity to improve these skills.

During this internship, I learned the operational aspect of a non-profit organization. As part of my first marketing team, I worked to identify problems within the organization and develop a plan to improve it. Truthfully, I sat on the sidelines for the majority of this, but believe me, I paid close attention. I learned how to produce results with a small budget and use those same results to grow that budget.

This is the time in my career where I put my designing on hold while I practiced my analytical thinking.

Believe it or not, thanks to this internship, I can now confidently walk into an operational organization, ask them, “What do you want to achieve this year?” and develop a marketing plan to successfully achieve those goals…